How to find a discount deal on guitars, amps, effects.

As you have probably noticed that good guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals, recording equipment are expensive. Getting the guitar and equipment that you dream of can easily add up to thousands of dollars. The good news is, there are some ways to find some good deals online. The bad news, it might have a blemish, dent and scratch, be refurbished, open box item but it has a lower price! Many online retailers devote special sections of the web sites to just "dent and scratch" and clearance items. If you check often and shop around you can sometimes find some fantastic deals with a great discount.

While you might find a good deal on a blemished guitar, remember that it does have some sort of blemish! The big problem with blemished items is lack of detail from the sites selling it. However, when it comes to the other equipment, who cares if an amp has a dent, or an effects pedal is a little beat up, all that matters is that they work and sound good. I have an old Shure SM58 microphone that has a huge dent in the screen, works perfectly fine. My one piece of advice is to verify the return policy and warranty, most of "scratch and dent" products are given the same satisfaction guarantee as new products and a warranty that will exclude cosmetic damage.

Links to the best sites for deals:

Site Comments Blowout Specials zZounds Blowouts is now my #1 site to check out. The main reason why is that they at least provide decent condition categorization, they're layout is simple, just note that each category on their home clearance page is just a sample of the blowout specials. Click on each category to see even more great deals. Tip: if you do by a blemish, remember to select the blemished model prior to adding to your cart! Outlet Store Music123 has a real nice clean and easy layout. Great section to check for some good deals, they used to provide a rating system on the blemish but that doesn't appear to be the case anymore which is too bad.
Musician's Friend Clearance Center Musician's Friend, one of the giants of the web and owned by Guitar Center. They offer a huge selection of clearance merchandise but their condition categorization is a bit weak and layout feels cluttered.
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