Guitar Lesson 2 - Guitar Finger Exercises

2nd String Guitar Exercises

On the guitar the second string is the B string and it uses the same frets as the E string for it's notes. The 1st fret is note C and the 3rd fret is note D. Learning to play on this string will be just like playing on the first string. Once you master the second string you can play a little progression from the 2nd string to the 1st string.

Lesson 2 Part 1 Tab / Instruction
E|-----------| 1st String
B|--0--1--3--| 2nd String
G|-----------| 3rd String
D|-----------| 4th String
A|-----------| 5th String
E|-----------| 6th String

This should look familiar, this time were playing the 2nd string on the guitar. For some people, playing a string that's in between strings can be a little tricky at first...

Part 1:
1. Play the 2nd string, B string.
2. Use finger 1 to press down on fret 1 of the B string and play the string.
3. Like last time, continue to hold down the 1st fret and use the 3rd finger to play the 3rd fret.

If you have a tough time, keep practicing. Also, try to get where you can play it without looking at the guitar.

Guitar Lesson 2 Part 2 Tab / Instruction

1. Play the 2nd string, B string.
2. Use finger 1 to press down on fret 1 of the B string and play the string.
3. Continue to hold down the 1st fret and use the 3rd finger to play the 3rd fret.
4. Release the 3rd finger and play the first fret.
5. Play an open B string.

Get good at this and the next part we'll transition from one string to the other.

Guitar Lesson 2 Part 3 Tab

On the tab above we are going to start on the 2nd string (left side) and move down to the first string (right side).

Part 3:
1. Play the open B string, then 1st fret followed by the 3rd. 2. Without delay play an open E string.
3. Finish with the rest by playing the 1st fret followed by the the 3rd.
As always, practice, play it till you got it. Once you got it down, play it backwards.

Guitar Lesson 2 Part 4 Tab

Part 4:
Now we will put it all together. The tab above will play B, C, D, E, F, G and back down. You delay between the 2nd and 3rd riffs (the two G notes) but try to play with out delay when transitioning from one string to another.

Additional Guitar Exercise

Additional Guitar Exercise Tab:

Learn your Guitars - Gibson Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Being a leader in arch top electric guitars, in 1952 Gibson decided to something they considered radical and risky: Align with guitarist/guitar innovator Les Paul and produce a solid body electric guitar. It is said that Gibson was actually worried about putting their brand name on a Les Paul guitar and considered manufacturing it without the Gibson name. Fortunately they didn't and now Les Paul is Gibson's most well known guitar. I personally own a Les Paul Studio and I love it! Les Paul's are manufactured with solid mahogany wood with maple wood on top.

Learn more about Gibson Guitars at our guitar guide article.

Next Lesson: Third String Guitar Exercises

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