How to play Pearl Jam - Alive

Off the album Ten, Pearl Jam's Alive is certainly one of my favorite songs. This is a great song for those that are looking to play about an intermediate level song. It features some creative guitar work which makes it a fun song to play.

A salute to Pearl Jam - May I just say that while in the end Ticketmaster has turned turned into a rip off monopoly it was destined to be (thank you Justice Department), I salute Pearl Jam for trying to stand up against Ticketmaster's service charge and business practices. It should be remembered that Pearl Jam attempted to stand up for the people like you and I in an effort to keep ticket prices within reason...

Intro Part 1 and 2:

Intro Part 3 and 4

View Alive Video

Here is the breakdown on how to play this riff:

Parts 1 & 3:
1. Play two open G&D notes followed by your first finger pressing down on 2nd frets of strings 3 and 4.
2. Your third finger should be hovering above fret 3 of the fifth sting.
3. Perform a slide from fret 3 to about 7, this doesn't have to be precise, it's very quick!

Important!!! The trick here is to slide to about the seventh fret then let stop pressing down, continue to move your third finger to the ninth fret.

4. Play an open D string.
5. Play fret 7 with your 1st finger hammer on fret 9 with your 3rd finger.
6. Play fret 7 with your 1st finger.

Parts 2 & 4 (Picking up from step 6)
7. Play fret 9 with your 3rd finger and bend the note up a half note (it's easier to pull the string down).
8. Play fret 7 with your 1st finger.

After the intro has completed and just before the chorus there a few F chords (1st fret) followed by a few open C major chords. The chorus itself is simply open chords E - G - D - A. Enjoy!

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