How to play Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water Intro

This is a great little intro for a beginner guitarist. It may not sound too simple, but when you take a chance to learn it, it's a very easy riff.

Tab Video
Smoke on the Water Intro Video

To play each set of notes, you need to use your finger to cover the two strings as one. For example, in the beginning 5-5, I use my 3rd finger to cover the fifth frets of strings A and D. This is technique is used throughout this riff.

Now, this could be debated, but I believe this riff is "plucked" with two fingers of the "pick hand". That helps give it that sharp quick sound, however, if you are a beginner don't worry about this, just use your pick. If you consider yourself past the beginner stage, then give it a shot and try using your fingers to pull the strings rather than a pick! In the end, the song can be played either way.

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