How to play Strairway to Heaven Intro

Stairway to Heaven is easily one of the most popular songs to learn on the guitar, it's also one of the most fun songs to play too. The song will be too much to take on for a beginner and will certianly challange an intermediate, but truly the biggest challange is memorizing each part. This is a big song on the guitar! Therefore, when you finally decide to tackle this one, take it a small step at a time and master each piece. Do this, and trust me, you will learn it a whole lot faster.

In this lesson I am going to show you the intro to Stairway to Heaven. I'll be break it down into sections, take your time to learn each piece. One of the challenges you may experience is moving your hand down the guitar in a timely manner. For example, moving your hand from the 5th fret down to the 2nd fret will be hard. The best solution...practice and patience, you'll get it.

Stairway to Heaven Intro

Tab Video
Stairway to Heaven Intro Part 1
Part 1 -

To accomplish this part you will need to place your first finger across the 5th fret on the bottom three strings. When you play the first 8th note, adjust your 1st finger to cover all four strings and use your pinkie to play the 8th fret on the E string.

Tab Video
Stairway to Heaven Intro Part 2
Part 2 -

One part you may find tricky is shifting from Part 1 to Part 2. Like in Part 1, when you start part 2 you need to use first finger across the bottom 3 strings. Good Luck!

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